About Us

Wadena Production and export of plants It is an Egyptian company founded since 2001 in the Valley of Fayoum. The company is specialized in the production and export of medicinal plants and modern all the species that are grown especially in Fayoum and the Nile Valley in general. And the company's competitive inside and outside Egypt. And the company's previous works are ongoing with local and international companies in the field of herbs in general. Wadena Farms : Company Wadena own farms for the production of medicinal plants and trendy . And the piece to maintain the safety of the product in terms of not developing any disease or insect exotic plants . Specification products Wadena : Wadena products company are identical to the standard specifications of the European and global market

Our farms

Company Wadena own farms for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants and the piece to ensure the highest level of quality and the piece is one of the most characteristic Wadena company for most of the exporters or traders

Our objectives

Company Wadena several goals, including first and promote trade plants and medicinal herbs and aromatic in Egypt and the Arab world and the world in general, which makes us pioneers in this field.

Why Us

Company Wadena several advantages and privileges of the most important and most of our products from the production of our farms and to ensure the highest level of quality and, in turn, and our prices are competitive in terms of product specifications and convicted of identical standards European