Wadena medicinal and aromatic plants

Is an Egyptian company founded since 2001 in the Valley of Fayoum The company specializes in the production and export of medicinal plants and modern all the species that are grown especially in Fayoum and the Nile Valley in general And the company's competitive inside and outside Egypt And the company earlier works are ongoing with international companies and local weeds in the field in general

Wadena company

Wadena company Wadena Company operates in the field of modern plants and medicinal herbs and convicted of a company with a competitive local market in the Egyptian, Arab and global and company Wadena previous dealings with the largest European companies in the field of medicinal plants and herbs

Products Wadena

Products Wadena
Through us you can learn all you want about the product you need, knowing that our products and Adena have several different formats such as
(Organic - Normal - Securities - stalks - crushed - crushed - oil)
And we can also send samples to anywhere in the world

Medicinal plants and herbs

Medicinal herbs are used in medicine for the treatment, which is also sterilized to save foods, including the provocative and Oualemrgeh sedative and antispasmodic and digester    There are rich in calcium and vatamen "c" and anthelminthic, and some of which is used to strengthen the nerves and many other uses To Do

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